The Knot Table

The Knot Table was a commissioned piece of furniture I built for a client. He wanted a stand alone piece of furniture to go under a piece of art work. Click here to read more »

Kimula Vase

The Kimula Vase is part of a series I started back in 2007 to make 100 vases and bowls. This is my 90th vase. It is made in Maple, Bloodwood, Ebony and various exotic woods. Click here to read more »

Haybale Box

The Haybale box is made out of Redwood Burl, black veneer, ebony and inlayed with aluminum. The wood came from a furniture maker out of Boston, MA. Click here to read more »

Edenton Dining Table

The Edenton Dining Table was a commission I built for a client outside San Francisco. The client wanted a simplistic dining table that was still beautiful with its design and details. Click here to read more »

The Leopard Table

The first leopard Table was built in 2012. I made it as an experiment in carving and repeating patterns. I decided to number the first one 1 of 5. Since then three have sold. The first one at the Design In Wood in Del Mar, California. Click here to read more »

Imperial Card Box

The Imperal card boxes made in walnut Burl with brass inlay. The walnut burl is veneered over walnut. The box is designed to hold two card boxes. This was the first time I have inlayed metal. It was built for a client in New Hampshire. Click here to read more »

The Deco Desk

The Deco Desk is my rendination of a 1920 French Art Deco Piece of furniture. The table is made in Macassar Ebony and Holly. Click here to read more »