The Haybale box is made out of Redwood Burl, black veneer, ebony and inlayed with aluminum. The wood came from a furniture maker out of Boston, MA.

He passed away back in 2009 and donated all of his Veneer to my school, North Bennett Street School. I went to get the veneer out of his shop with a few other students and for helping we got to pick out a few pieces. I have been saving the Veneer for a special project and the Haybale Box was that project. The box is 4.5 x 9 x 16 inches. It contains a sliding tray and drawer that slides out from the bottom. The drawer bottom is carved with my signature Leopard print design and lined with aluminum. I worked on the box on and off for 3 months. To see a video of the box being made check out the video page